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Spineless Wonders – 8th August 2012

Today’s Spineless Wonders comes to you with thanks to friend Cheryl who last night suggested that maybe the boys should end up in Prehistoric times.

Here’s hoping that the boys manage to get back to the present day soon otherwise the jokes are likely to become as old as the era they’re in!

Happy Wednesday.

Ms Katykins 🙂


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Spineless Wonders – 7th August 2012

Hello everyone!

Here’s the plan: as I am having scanner issues (yesterday’s ‘toon’ was scanned and scheduled last week) I am going to just take photographs and then scan them properly once I’m back on the island. Do any of you know if the lightbulbs in scanners are replaceable? I’m trying to troubleshoot, lol!

And now, without further ado – to continue the time travel theme! I feel the need to say that there were black fineliners, black markers, grey fineliners and grey pencils used in this drawing. If anyone has any time travel requests for this week, please let me know.

Ms Katykins

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