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Our Very First Award! Thanks, Subtle Kate!

Okay, this is where things are going to start to get a little weird… Now that my boys, Cyril and Willy have been kindly nominated for this very special and brand new Daisy Blogger Award by the lovely Subtle Kate, I have realised that I shall have to adopt the role of their spokesperson. But don’t worry, I shall relate their answers straight from the invertebrates’ mouths!

Here are the rules:

* Thank the person who nominated you.
* Tell your readers 7 unusual things about yourself.
* Nominate some worthy bloggers.

1. Cyril didn’t always want to be a snail, he had big dreams of becoming a centipede because he has a secret shoe fetish. Alas, with no feet to speak of, he can only dream.

2. Willy and Cyril consider themselves to be ambassadors for vulnerable invertebrates everywhere.

3. Cyril is looking for love but it’s not been easy for him.

4. The Spineless Wonders love spending their evenings at The Cavern where they have seen all sorts of impressive music acts. Just you wait and see! says Willy.

5. Cyril and Willy are from the garden. It doesn’t have a specific geographic location, at least not that they’re aware of. It’s just a crazy wilderness where the boys have had and continue to have loads of wild adventures!

6. Willy considers himself to be the funniest critter in anyone’s garden and refuses to even crack a grin if he thinks it’s possible for another bug to be funnier than him.

7. Willy is sometimes mean to Cyril. Don’t worry, Cyril can give as good as he gets. But really they’re best friends.

The Spineless Wonders’ Nominees:

Claire Cappetta – She’s putting herself and her work out there and is a brave individual who recently tried her hand vlogging for the first time. Good for you, Claire!

Maggie Myklebust – Not everyone would openly put their life out their in black and white for the scrutiny of the public. But she has and she’s written a real winner!

Carlarenee – With her very personal, reflective blogs, Carla is dealing with her own issues in a very open, honest way. Her 30 Days of Creativity and Thanks etc are very inspiring.

Subtle Kate – The lady who invented this award in the first place and is perhaps the bravest one of us all! Go you, I admire the way you’re getting yourself through this.

Thanks for our very first award, Kate! Thanks as well to all our readers for the Follows and the Comments. We’re not too bothered, I mean it’s just the random stuff we do everyday but Ms Katykins seems to appreciate it!

The Spineless Wonders 🙂


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