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The Gargie Award

Ms Katykins, Cyril and Willy would like to offer kind thanks to Ms Claire Capetta, who awarded us with our very own Gargie! Wow, first award of 2013, how fantastic! 🙂

The Gargie Award

The nominations are as follows:

Maggie Myklebust
Maggie, I love all of your posts and I’m just loving your photographs right now! 🙂

Angry Pear
Drew’s ‘toons never fail to make me smile!

Bo Lumpkin
What a creative and inspiring guy – I just love your wit!

About the Gargie Awards

Thank you so much to everyone for being so patient during this crazy, hectic time I’m experiencing right now! Hopefully normal posting schedule (Monday – Friday) should resume again soon!

Ms Katykins and The Spineless Wonders 🙂


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Supersize Me!

I was playing about the other day. I had drawn little pictures of Cyril and Willy and when I pasted them into a document, for some unknown reason, Willy was far bigger than Cyril. I actually thought that perhaps I could turn this into a skit. My time is very limited right now. And so, for now, this is just a taster of things to come.

Big Willy

This is a terrible picture – the sizing hasn’t worked. How’s that for irony? 😉

Ms Katykins and The Spineless Wonders 🙂

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Sketches of Cyril and Willy

The Boys have been chilling lately. And instead of getting involved in skits, they’ve been posing for me. What do you think?









Ms Katykins and The Spineless Wonders 🙂

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Caterpillar Cake

I was so impressed with my efforts ten days ago. I got all five of my Spineless Wonders skits done for last week. I should have made sure to do the same thing at the tail end of last week. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I’m getting married in a month (as many of you will know and are probably sick of hearing!) and life has just been super, super busy!

Cyril and Willy have been a big part of my thoughts recently and have not been forgotten about! The three of us have been very busy! They’re in the middle of trying to recover from all of their dieting… So, to keep you all entertained, I thought I’d post a few pics of my recent birthday cake. My Mum very kindly bought me a Caterpillar Cake (this is not my first one…)

Caterpillar Cake

Caterpillar Cake FAce

Caterpillar Kate

I ate the entire face and felt really sick afterwards.

Ms Katykins and The Spineless Wonders 🙂

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Spineless Wonders – 1st February 2013

February has really crept up on me – wow!

Spineless Wonders - 1st Feb 2013

Happy weekend everybody!

Ms Katykins and The Spineless Wonders 🙂

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