Spineless Wonders – 20th December 2012

How do you prepare your “Wow, thanks, really, I love it!” face?

Spineless Wonders - 20th December 2012

Ms Katykins and The Spineless Wonders 🙂


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  1. 1

    lala1966 said,

    looks like a yummy candy cane to me!

  2. 3

    jmmcdowell said,

    Or a walking cane. 😉

  3. 5

    Perhaps it is an amigurumi monkey tail? For the snail who has everything?

  4. 7

    Mal said,

    Well, it has a pretty pink bow so it’s got to be something super fantastic! 🙂

  5. 9

    Cyranette said,

    Well, everyone else guessed my guesses. 🙂

  6. 11

    Could it be the letter J?

  7. 13

    Linda Vernon said,

    Haha! Another umbrella! Poor Cyril! It sounds like he has quite a collection! 😀

    • 14

      mskatykins said,

      Yeah, but isn’t it funny how some people just don’t realise that sometimes you just need ‘another’ one of something you’ve already got…? Most of the time they were the one to give you all of those items! 😉

      • 15

        Linda Vernon said,

        Oh yes that is so true! And then there’s the people who ask you what you want for Christmas and when you tell them they say, “Oh you don’t want that.” (My sister in law said that to me once.) Ha! And then she proceeded to get me something I didn’t want. In-laws!! You have to love them. (Emphasis on “have to”) LOL!

        Have a wonderful Christmas MsKatykins and give The Spineless Wonders a hug from me!

      • 16

        mskatykins said,

        Oh Linda, you are a breath of fresh air! I totally get where you’re coming from. Family can be really crazy some times!

        Hugs have been given, and The Boys said if they had arms they’d send one back to you! 😉 Have a smashing Christmas! x

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