Spineless Wonders – 25th September 2012

Well this looks like quite a stern teacher – can any of you relate?

Ms Katykins and The Spineless Wonders 🙂


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  1. 1

    hahaha, that was so me…

  2. 3

    Cyranette said,

    My sixth grade teacher was Miss Coffin. Tall, thin, and unattractive, she gave preferential treatment to boys.

  3. 5

    Oldest excuse in the book. 🙂

    • 6

      mskatykins said,

      Yeah, I wonder why people keep using it… I actually did get the, ‘But seriously Ms, my dog really did eat it…’ just last year! 😀

      • 7

        The funny thing is, my dog Khloe loves to eat paper. We have to be so careful, because she’ll even go in the kids rooms and hunt through their wast-paper-baskets. So I suppose the excuse could really be true sometimes 🙂

      • 8

        mskatykins said,

        Wow, that’s a strange thing for her to be into. Hmm… just as well, with the digital age, you will have a backed up copy of your written work! 😉

  4. 9

    jmmcdowell said,

    Poor Cyril, what a bum rap! And after all he’s probably done for Willy!

  5. 11

    First class today..and we get homework..I’ll do it this weekend..

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