Spineless Wonders – July 2nd 2012

Good morning everyone,

Did you think that we had gone AWOL? Cyril and Willy were celebrating the beginning of July with a bit of a longlie!

Have a great day!

Ms Katykins 🙂


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  1. 1

    Oh my… we certainly are a race of litterbugs, aren’t we?

    • 2

      mskatykins said,

      That’s it, Maggie. I’m secretly on a quest to make us all more environmentally friendly, just like Dr Seuss’ ‘The Lorax’. 🙂

      • 3

        When we were in Cinque Terre, one of the most beautiful places on earth I saw that people had engraved their names in all the cactus leaves! Everywhere we looked we saw this appalling act and could only wonder…Why would people do things like this??!!

      • 4

        mskatykins said,

        Really!? That’s crazy! Did you take any pictures (or did you feel that would contribute to/glorify it?). People are strange, eh…?

  2. 5

    carlarenee45 said,

    isn’t Steve new? I don’t remember seeing him before. I hope he picks up those can lids when he gets done lol.

    • 6

      mskatykins said,

      He is indeed. Do you notice these little characters creeping their way in? 🙂 What do you think of him? Is he too random?

      Don’t worry, he’s a ‘good’ litter bug! 😉

      • 7

        carlarenee45 said,

        I think it is great! Even maybe some “guests” at times. I was glad to see Steve, it was intriguing to see what he was like!

      • 8

        mskatykins said,

        He he, not decided if he’ll recur. I’m working on some four panel ‘stories’ that will be maybe feature either once a month, or once a week… There will definitely be lots of new characters, so I’m really pleased you like this new addition! Think the garden gnome will also reappear!

        Let me know if you have any requests, Carla. 🙂

  3. 9

    over1812 said,

    Walking to the library in the pouring rain I saw who I thought was Cyril crossing in front of me. He was fully extended, both ends, and his feelers were swaying. What a handsome chap! Is it possible he’s in the Glasgow area at the moment?

    • 10

      mskatykins said,

      That’s hysterical! You’ve caught me out. That’s the real reason we were late this morning – he was away gallivanting like some diva and I had to get him back on the ferry pronto! 😉
      I ❤ Snails!!! 🙂

  4. 11

    jmmcdowell said,

    Ooh, those tabs can be sharp! Hope Willy won’t get hurt!

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