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Spineless Wonders – 31st July 2012

Who knew there were so many different critters in Cyril and Willy’s garden?

You may have noticed that the banner from yesterday and today are a little different. I always draw them myself; however, I’ve just switched from A4 to A5 paper and now I need to get a new size of header and I’m back to doing it free hand rather than using a template. I shall get there…! 🙂

Ms Katykins 🙂


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Spineless Wonders – 30th July 2012

Good morning folks, we trust you had a great weekend! 🙂

And now for today’s Spineless Wonders!

Ms Katykins 🙂

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Spineless Wonders – 27th July 2012

Sincere apologies on behalf of myself and the boys! Sometimes I reckon life as a ludite would be quite tempting… Anywho! We hope this has been worth the wait!

This band and this album (Popped in… Souled Out) is a really important one from my childhood. Big time nostalgia! LOVE it! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Ms Katykins, Cyril and Willy 🙂

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I am just off a video call with my Mother who was extremely concerned by the lack of a Spineless Wonders post today. Rest assured, trusty followers and intriguing newcomers, the boys have had an adventure just for you… However, we have experienced some technical issues today and, as of yet, Ms Katykins has been unable to post today’s cartoon. Her man’s comp is sick. That in turn means she cannot use his scanner – keep your fingers, toes and eyes – if you can – crossed in hope that all will be well!

Until then, please enjoy this picture of the blu-tac models Ms Katykins made of Cyril and Willy. Yesterday I began painting them with nail varnish! They’re a work in progress! 🙂

Thanks for your patience!

Ms Katykins 🙂

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Spineless Wonders – 26th July 2012

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one awake in the middle of the night? I know that feeling and, in my experience, it sucks! This ones goes out to Pete Armetta whose post inspired me yesterday!

Ms Katykins 🙂

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Cyril and Willy are really impressed by The Panda Chronicles and they think that today’s post is particularly amusing and that you should check it out! 🙂

The Panda Chronicles

So little time, so many pandas….pandanastics, synchronized broom twirling, wading pool diving…and let’s not forget the torch bears.  London has no idea of the pandamonium that is heading their way.  But let’s not dally any longer!  Coach Bob T. is whipping the panda kindergarten into shape!

And where ARE those torch bears?  Tune in later to find out!  The Olympics start on Friday…will they make it in time?  And how will they light the Olympic flame when they already sold their torch?

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda



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Spineless Wonders – 25th July 2012

Looks like the boys did get held up in traffic this morning – sorry for your wait!

Ms Katykins 🙂

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